Origin Food Service Management is a small, innovative business-to-business catering company that operates in the Western Cape. The owners of the company have comprehensive industry experience with a collective 37 years operating in global catering companies.

The company originated with the idea that as an industry, things needed a shake up and that focus had been lost making it necessary for a new approach. Origin begun with going back to the beginning [or origin] to ensure improved service and delivery to our client/customer base. In this case the ‘beginning’ would be building genuine relationships with our clients/customers ensuring we serve honest, quality food at a reasonable price.

The Origin team is small, skilled and focused. The business is owned and managed by Mark Holgate who has 21 years experience in the industry. Food has been Mark’s life and he is close to the business on the ground, which has direct benefits for clients. For more detailed information on experience and capabilities please contact Mark directly.